3 Tips for Creating Happy Habits

Within the last six months, our world has completely changed. Being face-to-face with new normals, the height of the racial justice movement, and so much uncertainty sometimes it’s hard to stay positive, motivated, and well happy.

That’s why it’s so important that we become intentional about creating and maintaining happy habits.

What are happy habits?

Happy habits are things that you can do every day to help keep you motivated and positive. And today I’m going to share three of my favorite habits with you.

Happy Habit #1

A Morning Routine. How you start your morning sets the tone for the rest of your day. Why not take the time to start it with habits that will keep you feeling restored and at peace? Some of my favorite things to include in my routine include affirmations, scriptures, listening to a motivational playlist.

Happy Habit #2

Cleansing Your Space. I’m not talking about your typical spring cleaning, sis. I’m talking about a spiritual cleanse. Every morning I light incense (my favorites are sage, lotus, and dragon’s blood), every Monday evening I use an herbstick to cleanse negative energy, and throughout the day, I spray Blockedt (an all-natural anti-bad vibe spray I make and sell).

These habits help me remove negative energy from my space and encourage positivity, peace, and grounding.

Happy Habit #3

Practicing Gratitude. Even when the sky seems to be falling right above your head, it’s so important that you practice gratitude. Every day there are so many things for us to be thankful for and I never want you to lose sight of that! Not only does practicing gratitude help create happiness, but it also tells the universe and God that you are appreciative of the things happening in your life and allows you to attract more of those blessings.

Need a hand? Grab my free daily Reflection worksheet. I use it every day to keep my mindset in check through gratitude, affirmations, and celebrating my daily wins (no matter how small).

This Week’s Homework

Choose a happy habit (or 2… or 3!) and commit to implementing it in your life every day this week. Don’t forget to tag me @iamkiarashanice if you post your habits on Instagram.

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