stop stressin' over These 3 Things to Finally Live in the Moment

I put a poll on my Instagram story a few weeks ago asking what blog topics people wanted me to write about and learning how to live in the moment won by a landslide!

It became clear to me that there are so many people (especially right now!) struggling with letting go and truly enjoying the moment that they are in.

I get it. I’ve spent so much of my own life worrying about this, overthinking that, and stressing about how I’m gonna do that other thing. But I’ve finally gotten to the point where I’ve learned how to let go and enjoy the current moment. And want you to learn how to do it too!

Now, let me just say: this isn’t something that just changes overnight. Like with any other mindset shifts, it takes time and practice. So don’t forget to be gentle with yourself.

Okay, let’s get into the three things you need to let go of to finally start living in the moment.

#1: Your Past

I know all too well how easy it is to get wrapped up in all of the mistakes you’ve made and hurt you’ve experienced in the past... But sis, you owe it to yourself to let go of all of that!

The only way you can truly move on and enjoy what life is offering you right now, in this moment, is to let it go!

Remember that everything we go through is for a reason. God has a plan for you (Jeremiah 29:11) and while you might not understand that experience or that “failure” right now, trust that it was needed to get you to your destination.

Still need a pep talk? Read this if you’re still holding on to your past mistakes. And take a look at this if you’re having trouble letting go.

#2: Your Future

Girl, I’m a triple Capricorn and an INFJ. In other words: I’m the literal embodiment of perfectionism and overthinking (aka high-functioning anxiety).

That being said, I can’t even count how many times I’ve caught myself stressing over the future.

But the thing I had to ask myself is… why am I putting so much energy into stressing over something that isn’t even here yet?

I realized that by focusing so much on this future that has yet to come, I wasn’t allowing myself to enjoy the moment that is. And it’s true in so many areas of my life…

When it comes to running a business for example, sometimes I get intimidated by the thought of having to post on social media every day for the rest of my life (I’m not a social media person at all, y’all!). There have been times when I’ve allowed that irrational fear to paralyze me and I stopped showing up for business, and well for myself!

Now, when I find myself going to that place I remind myself that I don’t have to worry about the future, I just need to focus on today.

What can I do today, in this moment to create joy? To show up for myself?

If I use my energy today to do things that bring me joy and to show up for myself (instead of using it to stress about the future), things will work out in my favor.

#3: Your Expectations

Okay, I know this sounds crazy but I need you to trust me!

Right now, your expectations could be stopping you from appreciating something beautiful that’s sitting right in front of you.

And this isn’t just about high expectations. Low expectations could be blocking your joy too. Just think about it…

You’re planning a vacation. You have super high expectations for what you want this vacation to look like. You finally go on your vacation but your expectations aren’t met. It’s still a great vacation but because it isn’t what you were hoping for, you can’t just enjoy it for what it is.

Or here’s another example… You had a bad experience in a relationship, so now you’re carrying that hurt and the expectation that anyone else you’re in a relationship with will offer the same experiences. Even if this person has never given you a reason to doubt them, your expectations of relationships now causes you to look for the worst.

I know... that one hit a little different, right? I’ve been there too, boo!

So if both high and low expectations are blocking your joy, what’s the solution? It’s simple. Let go of your idea of what you think something will or won’t be and just take it for what it is. Stop putting pressure on yourself, that vacation, or this relationship to live up (or down) to this idea that you’ve thrown together in your head and allow yourself the opportunity to take in what the moment is presenting you with.

If you give yourself that opportunity and then decide it’s not for you and that something needs to shift, that’s fine. But at least get out of your head long enough to not let your past, your future, or your expectations hold you back from living in the moment that has been offered to you.

This Week’s Homework:

Take time this week to check-in with yourself. When you find yourself living in your head instead of the moment, ask yourself why (past, future, expectations, something else?). Address your why and check yourself! Use affirmations, journaling, and meditation to get out of your head and enjoy the moments that this week has to offer you.

I’ll be sharing more tips and tricks about living in the moment on my Instagram all week. So feel free to hang out with me and join the convo there!

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