Stressing out? I get it! Just a few sprays of my homemade, all-natural Ease: Anti-Stress Spray will help relax your mind, allow you to let go of any negativity that been holding you hostage, and invite joy, happiness, and peace.

Ease: Anti-Stress Spray

Bottle Size
  • Lavender: a calming herb that reduces stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia
  • Coriander: uplifting, freshens space and brightens your mood
  • Basil: Soothes stress and anxiety, and helps improve mental clarity, focus, and energy
  • Sage: cleanses negative energy, a natural antidepressant, reduces anxiety
  • Dalmation Jasper: reduces stress, removes negative energy, encourages joy and positivity, attracts happiness and good fortune.

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